Are you ready to become a freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, it seems to be the dream of each individual these days. And although I truly believe that is a great way of working and it works for many people, you shouldn’t underestimate it. It’s definitely not easier than working your average 9-5, although it can be more rewarding. But before you get into any of that you need to be mentally prepared, and this article was written to check if you are.

You have to be incredibly dedicated

No boss will be telling you what to do each minute of each day, you’ll be the one to figure all of that out. Because you need to be motivated to actually work you will need to be dedicated to the work that you are going to do. So the freelance work that you’ll be doing needs to be work that you love to do, and not something you do just because it will make quick money. Get that through your head, and if you are still dedicated to the job, even if it didn’t pay well at all, then you’re ready for the next step.

Building discipline is required

Along with the motivation to work when no one is telling you too, you also need to have the discipline to keep working throughout periods without motivation. Even though you love the work and are dedicated, you won’t be motivated 100% of the time, so you need some discipline of dragging yourself through these slumps. When motivation leaves the work doesn’t, you’ll have to keep going if you want to become a success.

It’s not just the benefitsBlack and Gray Photo of Person in Front of Computer Monitor

There are a lot of benefits to being a freelancer, you can work whenever and wherever you want, it’s total freedom. On top of this, you are in total control of your paycheck and have every opportunity to give yourself a raise. But you will need to make some sacrifices as well, like working on the weekends will sometimes be necessary, while everyone else is off. There are no set work hours, and this can be frustrating. And some months will be slower than other, during which you will not make so much money, and therefore you have no stability. These are all the risks that you need to take into account.

Be prepared to be in charge of everything

When you’re just starting out from scratch, most likely, you don’t have the money to pay for help. This means that you’ll be doing all of the work, from answering emails to updating your website and doing your accounting. And you will need to master these skills, whether you enjoy it or not, so be prepared to learn more than one trait if you want to be a freelancer.

If you’re still here, and still here then we can be sure that you are capable of doing this, then I guess we can conclude that you are ready to be a freelancer. So now it’s your time to shine and work your way to top with whatever sort of work you have all that motivation and dedication.





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