How to balance work and life as a freelancer

Balancing life and work is hard in this day and age, no matter what job you work, or if you even work at all. But things are even trickier when you’re a freelancer because you’re in full control of your time. This sounds like a benefit, and in a way it is but is also complicates finding a balance between having a family, having time for yourself, having time for a social life and all that work. So let’s get some tips.

Make a schedule

It’s very hard to unplug from work when you have no set time to stop working, which is why you should set yourself a time to stop. Making a schedule allows you to schedule in all the time you need for work but also for the rest of your life. Making a schedule will also allow you to see how much time is going to which parts of your life, and you’re capable of spotting any imbalances, this gives you the chance to make a change in this.

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Only say yes to the things that really matter

Being able of saying no is such an important skill that you need to possess if you’re a freelancer. If you’re going to say yes to all the responsibilities and all the work opportunities then you’re going to go completely crazy. So make sure to only fill your life with responsibilities that you love to do or that help you get closer towards your goals. You should learn to say no, because you can’t do it all, and that’s okay.

Take some time to unplug

Even when you’ve ended work for the day, emails are constantly coming in and social media will be beeping. When you’re on your laptop or your phone then you will be getting these notifications and you won’t be free from work after all. So make sure to unplug completely from time to time, take down the internet if you really need to, and enjoy some time with the family or simply reading a book.

Plan in some me-time

So you want to balance your family, friends and work? But are you thinking about yourself as well? You can’t pour from an empty cup, so make sure to keep yours filled. You need to schedule some much-needed me-time on a regular basis and you can use this time to do any activity that recharges you. Maybe it’s watching Netflix, taking a hot bath, going to the gym or whatever floats your boat.

Now it’s up to you to take responsibility for your work-life balance and put the tips that you like most into practice. Not all tips will work for you, but I do believe there has to be something that helps you with getting your work and life back in balance. And finally, don’t neglect yourself and time for yourself.


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