How to take care of yourself after a busy period

Everyone deals with them, these crazy busy periods in which there seems to be no end to all the work. And when it comes to freelancers, these busy periods can come and go randomly. Sometimes you weren’t even prepared for such a busy period, or sometimes they exceed the expectations you had. I’ve been there and I know that you need some time to take care of yourself after you’ve handed in the final assignment. So how do you do that?

Take some much-needed time off

After the busy period, I recommend that you do not go back to your normal flow of work immediately it’s better to first take some time off. Work some half days, or even take a few days off from working completely if you can afford it. You don’t need to plan these days full of social activities, take the time to just recharge. I bet that you really need this time to your self.

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Get some extra sleep

When work gets hectic and life takes over it is very well possible that you sleep less than you would like to, I at least deal with this issue too often. So use the easier period to get some extra sleep and truly rest. Short periods in which you sleep a little less are not very bad, but you do want to compensate for this with extra rest later on.

Focus on your health

Another priority that crazy work makes us skip on, is taking care of our bodies. We might not have exercised as much as we would like to, or we have been eating pre-cooked meals at our desks late at night. Now you have the time to hit the gym and to make healthy home-cooked meals again. So make use of this time and take your body back to the top-shape it was in before.

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Do the things you love

This one is rather obvious, but I included it anyway. If you lose track of time while talking with a friend you haven’t seen for a while, the do that, but if you enjoy reading a book all by yourself in your garden then you should do that. Just doing what you love to do will lift your spirits back up and will help you recover from a period in which there was no time for such fun.

If you follow the tips above then I am sure of the fact that you will bounce back from that busy period with full force and will be able to give your everything within no-time. But now you should surely enjoy a little time to do whatever you want and recover from the strain work puts on you. You deserve it.

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