How to stay healthy when you’re crazy busy

When you’re not incredibly busy with your freelance work, or any other job for that matter, it’s a lot easier to keep your health on track. You have the time to cook your own healthy meals and to hit the gym every other day, but this can all change in a second when work gets hectic. If you want to avoid falling off the wagon during crazy times, I have some tips for you, that have worked for me too.

Your planner is your best friend

You need a planner in general when life gets hectic, just to manage it, but you can use it to plan out your healthy habits as well. You can plan your workouts, even if there are less of them than usual, to make sure you still do them. You can even plan the time for grocery shopping and cooking, preventing you from ordering in every eveningexercise, female, fitness

Meal prepping really helps

If you have no time throughout the week to cook, which I can totally imagine, then it may be smart to schedule out some time on a free Sunday afternoon to prepare all your meals for the upcoming week. You could make your food for the entire week and save it all in containers in your fridge, ready to be heated up when you want to eat it.

I’ve recently moved out and I am living on my own right now, which means I need to cook my own food. Personally, I always cook for two or three days, this saves me both time and money while eating healthy.

Prioritize your sleep

I understand that having a crazy amount of work to do makes you want to stay up late and rise early to get it all done, but that won’t work to your advantage. Not only is it bad for your health to sleep too little, but you won’t be very productive when you’re running on 5 hours of sleep each day. So make sure to get at least that 7 hours of shut-eye if you want to be on your top game.

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Don’t hit the bar to relax

If you’ve been working it can be tempting to drink down a bottle on Saturday evening to forget about it all, but the end that will only work against you. Not only are you consuming lots of calories, drinking regularly will mess with your sleep and cause fatigue and a constant brain fog. This will not make you work better. Now I am not saying you can’t drink, I will too drink some wine if I want to relax, just don’t make it a regular habit to drink a lot.

Listen to your body

Typically I will do some type of work-out, or I used to do this before I went to university. I love doing this, but when times get hectic, sometimes my body needs sleep or a yoga session over a HIIT work-out. So make sure to listen to what your body tells you and don’t feel guilty when you take a nap instead of a run.

When you try out the tips I mentioned here then you will not fall off the wagon when life gets a little crazy and it will be a lot easier to pick up all your health habits once your life starts slowing down again. You do need to be motivated to stick to these tips though, but that’s an entirely different story.

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