My favourite work-outs

Working out is something that I started doing when I was 15, and I’ve never stopped, I couldn’t stop right now even if I wanted to. It’s the best addiction you can have. This doesn’t mean that my work-outs have remained stagnant, my work-out schedule is constantly changing. Today I want to share my favourite workouts with you, so maybe you can get some inspiration from it.


I’ve always loved running, at least when you look at the big picture. There have been mornings where I would wake up at 5.30AM dreading my morning run and there have definitely been mornings where I preferred an extra hour of sleep over my run. Yet, I have never stopped running, and I dreaded the three weeks when I couldn’t run because of a foot injury. Everyone who knows even the most basic thing about working out has heard about the runner’s high, and it’s an actual thing, it’s not just a hoax made up by run-junkies. Running gives you so much energy, it’s an amazing bootie work-out and it gives you the chance to go outside. There is no better way to wake up then by going on a morning run.

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I am a fan of Cassey Ho and her own Blogilates, her workouts are the main reason that I feel so good in my own skin nowadays. Not only do her workouts change your body, they will also lift your moods and give you a better image of yourself. The videos she makes are focused on muscle-toning, which I enjoy doing very much. There is no better feeling than feeling sore in my opinion. if you want to get into toning your muscles then I would recommend her special beginner’s calendar, this is what really got my workouts on track a couple of years ago.

Pole dancing

This may not be for everyone, but I absolutely love it. This has only been a part of my work-out routine for the last couple months, but I’ve fallen in love completely. And I just want to tell you that pole dancing is not something only strippers do, it’s an actual sport that trains all the muscle groups. Yes, it can be sexy, but it doesn’t have to be. Pole dancing really helps me feel more comfortable in my body, makes me more flexible and it also makes my movements in everyday life more graceful. I would tell any woman or man that he or she has to give it a try, and yes there are men who are great at pole dancing.

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Yoga is not a workout that is going to make you sweat and burn like crazy, nonetheless yoga is an essential part of my routine. I aim to do yoga every single day, to keep my mind calm and my body flexible. My main way of doing yoga is by watching the videos from Yoga with Adriene. She is very good at explaining all the yoga moves, and she is perfect for yoga newbies, she always offers modifications for even the least flexible people. A couple years ago I was as stiff as a board, my hands never even got near my toes, now I touch them with ease. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, yoga will make you flexible. On top of this, yoga will help you cope with daily stress and any other issues that are playing in your life. Yoga has helped me move on from pain and stress when nothing else could, both emotional and physical.


Due to a lack of time, I am currently not practising kickboxing, but I would love to pick it up again in the future. Kickboxing is an amazing outlet for any negative energy that you are carrying around. Kickboxing really forces you to focus on your body and to be very careful with your movements, it’s not an easy workout, but to me, it’s a lot of fun. Which pretty much goes for all the workouts in this list. In the end that what it is all about, that you have fun.

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