How to thrive as a single woman

As I am currently a young single woman myself I am as much speaking from experience as I am still figuring things out myself and this article gives you a sneak peek into my own journey. So, let me give you the tips that I’ve gathered in the past time on how to thrive as a young single woman in this world.

Start a habit of self-reflection

Something that many women are inclined to do is lose themselves in a relationship, it can go as far as living your life completely for your partner. You might not even remember who you were before the relationship once it ends. This means that it’s time to get your sense of self back. A good way to start getting this back is through journaling and self-reflection. A good way to start is to buy a new beautiful journal and take 5 to 10 minutes each day for writing. You can start with writing anything you want, the activities you undertook, how you’re feeling and what your dreams are. After a couple of days, you might analyze your journal and see if there are patterns you can spot. Perhaps you find that you spend almost every day dreaming about cooking and becoming a cook, while you’ve never actually considered going to a cooking school. Now you could use the opportunity to take some cooking lessons.

By doing this often enough you’ll really be able to get your sense of self back, know who you are and know who you want to be.

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Spend more time with your friends

You might have neglected your friendships while being in a relationship, then this is your chance to reignite them. Having a strong group of girlfriends, and guy friends, of course, is the best way to love your single life. They are the people that can support your journey, that you can have fun with and who will always have your back. You might not have this kind of friends right now, but you sure have the time to find them! And a great way to make new friends is my next point on the list

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Try all the new things you always wanted to try

Everyone has a couple of things that they always wanted to try, like solo traveling or taking an art course. What is still holding you back from doing all these things? New experiences will help you grow as a person, find new interests, meet new people and they will also be fun. Although it might be scary to try new things, especially when you’re all by yourself, facing this fear is only going to make you stronger and more independent.

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Be a little selfish

If there’s ever a time to be selfish then it’s now, when you’re unbound and single. You are allowed to do things for the sole purpose of wanting to do them, and you don’t need to justify these things to anyone. If you want to stay home all night and binge-watch Netflix then you totally should, but if you want to go out and party till you drop then do that!

And actually, you should also be a little selfish when you are in a relationship. You and your happiness should always come first. This does seem selfish, but in fact, it’s not. You can’t make anyone else happy when you’re not happy, so make sure you do that first.

Take care of yourself

In a relationship, you are too busy with the other person to look after yourself, and during a break-up, you feel too bad to take of yourself, now is your time to shine! Get those eight hours of sleep, sign up for a gym membership (Or try any of my favorite work-outs) and try that new paleo diet. As a single woman you have the time to amp up your health and become the best version of yourself, so don’t let this chance slide.

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