Why emotional distress calls for a vacation

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It has happened to me twice before, that I went on vacation a couple of weeks after a break-up. It was never planned that way, but I am so happy that it happened that way. You may think that the last thing you want to do when your heart is broken is going on a holiday, but in fact, it’s just what you need. Not convinced yet? Luckily I am not done yet.

You’re in a different space

Staying in the same room for days on end gets kind of old and doesn’t really help you move forward, changing your surroundings can definitely help you with this. You’ll be able to see the situation in a new light once you’re removed from it. You might have heard this before, but the best way to see a situation for what it is is moving away from it. Going on vacation is the ideal way to do this.

You actually get to have some fun

If you’re in the middle of emotional distress then I bet that you haven’t had a lot of fun, that’s about to change. Sometimes you just need to forget about your situation and do something fun. A vacation is an ideal way to do that, whether it’s with friends, family or your partner.

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Plenty of time to think and process

Even though this may not be fun in the moment, it will make you feel better in the end. When you can’t find distraction in everyday work or school then you have a lot of time to think. If you’re in a place of emotional distress then this can be confronting and frustrating. In the end, all this time to think will help you process what you’ve been through and will relieve you from it. All of this will work even better if you start a journal to write down all your thoughts, that way you can process it even better.

Good conversations

Talking is also a really important part of working through emotional distress and hopefully you are on vacation with people who mean a lot to you. Now is your chance to talk to them and perhaps they’ve got some advice for you. At the very least you will get it off your chest and they will understand you better.

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Now you’ve got no other choice than believing me when I say that a vacation is good for emotional distress. I also think that the tip I am about to give is a bit obvious, but I am going to clarify it anyway. Next time you are in a bad place, book yourself a vacation, even if it’s just for a weekend.

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