How to find motivation for studying

Studying is not always a lot of fun, but it does need to happen, otherwise, you’re not going to score well. So let me give you some of my personal tips that have always helped me with becoming motivated to study. They might get you behind your desk as well.

Get yourself a good playlist

There is no way I will be studying without some good music playing in the background, so this is always my first priority. The general recommendation is that you listen to instrumental or classical music, but that just doesn’t go with me. Maybe it works for you, you can definitely try. But in my eyes you don’t have to stick to instrumental music, I love to focus with some pop or rock music. It surely makes studying a lot more fun.

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Get yourself a drink and a snack

I can’t start studying without having a cup of coffee first, but perhaps you prefer a nice cup of hot tea. Get something to drink and something to eat that you enjoy, but that is also going to help you concentrate. A Banana or dark chocolate is great for the brain, thus the perfect study snack, to name an example.

The podomoro technique

The podomoro technique is usually used for work activities, but it works just as well for studying. The trick is that you set a timer for 25 minutes, during which you study. After the timer rings you take a 5 minute break, after which you study for another 25 minutes. After four intervals you can take a longer break. This will help you get motivated because studying for 25 minutes sounds a lot less daunting than studying the rest of the day, it’s a lot easier to start. And it’s easy to keep going once you’ve started.

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