Things to do while you’re single

Some of us absolutely love being single while others dread it, but no one can get around the fact that you generally have more free time when we’re single.  This may not be pleasurable for all of us, but you can make it fun, by doing one of these things. These are things that you will only get a chance to do when you’re single, so now’s your chance to do them.

Person Pointing at Black and Gray Film Camera Near Macbook Pro

Travel solo

Travelling all by yourself is an experience everyone should have at some point in their lifes, and what’s a better time than when you’re single. You’ve got no one who is at home being worried about, except for your mom maybe. This travel can be anything you want it to be. You want to go a weekend to New York? Go ahead! You want to discover Indonesia? Do you! Travelling alone will make you a more independent person who enjoys their own company, which is the ideal person to be when you’re single.

Binge-watch all the Netflix you want

A guy may be down for Netflix and chill, but what if you just want to watch five hours of Gossip girl? Then you’d better be single. So use your next Sunday to stay in bed, gather all the snacks you can find, and treat yourself to a whole lot of tv. You won’t get this chance once you’re all tied up in a relationship.

Woman in White Bed Holding Remote Control While Eating Popcorn

Rekindle any lost friendships

It can happen to anyone when you’re too caught up in a relationship, you see your friends less and perhaps you’ve not spoken with a couple for months. Now is the time to rekindle those friendships and meet with them, perhaps apologise for dissapearing off the surface of the earth. You’ll be happy to have your friends back when you’re single again.

Spend some time getting to know yourself

Sometimes, when we’ve been in a very long relationship, we sort of lose touch with who we are and what we like. You don’t really have the time to explore your interests when you’re always with another person. Now is your chance to pay attention to your interests. This means that you should try plenty of new things, join a new sport or try a class you’ve never tried. And spend time journaling, that will also help you get to know your dreams, desires and fears

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