My favourite ways of soul-searching

Anyone who has read a couple of my last blogs can guess that I am single right now, which means that I have time to do some good soul-searching. So this is exactly what I’ve got my eyes set on. With the prospect of moving to Amsterdam and starting university fast approaching, I feel like this is a perfect time.

Maybe you’ve just become single again as well, or perhaps you’re in another transitional period of your life. Then this could be the perfect time for soul-searching for you as well.

Soul-searching is a broad concept though, and you might have no idea where to start. To help you out I’ve gathered my favourite ways of doing some soul-searching. You might just find some ideas that you’d like to try out

Person Holding Compass in Forest


I’ve mentioned journaling and personal reflection before on this blog because it is one of the most important practices I use every day. Journaling has helped me through many of my problems and helped me grow as a person.

Journaling is also great for soul-searching. It can unhelp you uncover truths about yourself and your life that you would never find in another way. Plus, it’s easy cheap and quick.

To get the most out of journaling, make it a daily practice. You can write anything you want or give yourself certain prompts to work with. One day you can write about your own personality and how you feel about this while another day you might want to write about your past relationships and examine these.

Journaling has definitely helped me dig deep into my emotions. I figured out that things I didn’t even know where bothering obviously hurt me deeply. What do you have left to uncover?

Interview your friends and family

You can figure out a lot about yourself by journaling, but not everything, some things can only be seen from the point of an outsider. Your friends and family might have ideas and insights about you that you had no idea of, but that can be very useful.

Thus, it’s time to ask your friends and family some questions that can help you figure yourself out.

Ask them about your talents, what you are like as a daughter, what you are like as a friend, what mistakes you have made etc.

Now, of course, you should never be offended by these answers, you might not always want to hear them, but it’s important that you do. So try to step out of your defense mode and just listen, just take it all in.

Two Man and Two Woman Standing on Green Grass Field

Travel until you’re out of money

Of course, you shouldn’t literally use up all your money, but traveling is one of the most fun ways to try some soul-searching, especially when done alone. Coming into contact with new cultures, new ideas and new experiences can completely open up your eyes. t

You can only find who you are if you have the chance to try out different things, things outside your everyday world.

So take the trip that you’ve always wanted to take, go to see Australia, New York or Bali. Maybe you’ll find your heart with the wild tribes in Africa, or in the art scene of Berlin. There are so many things left to discover, so what are you still waiting for?

Empty the bookstore

A way of finding inspiration and new ideas that is a lot cheaper than traveling the world is reading.  Reading is the only way to travel time and become someone else temporarily.

I’d recommend you to find a bookstore and pick up some books that you would never pick up because you want to. Or you could go to the library if you want to make this way even cheaper.

Maybe you read a book about London and completely fall in love, you want to move there! Or you read non-fiction on the art of filmmaking and have found your new passion!

You never know where a book might take you, so take some try and travel inside the comfort of your own home.

Woman Reading a Book

Do all those things you always wanted to do

Okay, this may not be one way you can implement right away, but it’s an invitation for you to finally make your dreams come true.

Perhaps you always wanted to try yoga, then here is your chance to finally sign up for a class!

Or you always wanted to get a dog, then go get yourself a dog!

Nothing is impossible as long as you believe it. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s the truth. So please, try some of these things if you want to figure yourself out, it will be oh-so-rewarding.


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