FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

In what languages do you provide texts? 

Texts can be written in either English or Dutch, both on a native level.

Who owns the rights to written texts?

When you buy the article from me you buy all the rights to it as well, so you are free to use it for anything you want, and I can’t use it for my own purposes.

What happens if I’m not content with the work?

Of course, I will always want to improve the work if you’re not satisfied, and we’ll try to work it out together. If we can’t work it out then you’ll always receive a refund.

How long does it take before I receive the writing is done?

This depends completely on your demand and my work schedule if there is any specific deadline then it is best to submit the request far ahead of this. I can always guarantee that work that takes me over 10 hours is done in 4 weeks and work that takes less than 10 hours is done in 2 weeks. But most of the times I can get your work done sooner.

What topics do you write about?

I write about almost all topics you can think of, except for highly specialized or technical writing. Except that I am willing to write about all topics. The sky is the limit 🙂